Do you want to remain a member of the EU? We explain the process to acquire Spanish nationality

Following the decision of the UK to leave the European Union, many British residents are concerned about this new situation of uncertainty. Will I have to leave Spain?  What are the procedures to apply for Spanish nationality? At Oya Abogados & Asesores we explain the whole process in detail.

The most common procedures by which British residents could obtain the Spanish nationality are:

– By residence:

One of the procedures to get citizenship is residence. It will be necessary to have lived in Spain legally for a period of ten years continuously and immediately prior to the request.

However, this period may be shorter in some cases, depending on the country of origin of the applicant or his/her family.

– By marriage to a Spanish citizen:

In the case of being married to a Spanish citizen, you will be able to apply for Spanish nationality after a year of marriage and residence.

– Being the widow / widower of a Spanish citizen:

The same one-year period will apply. In these cases, you will have to prove that, at the time of death, the couple was married.

Who can apply for citizenship?

  • Any applicant over 18 years.
  • Any applicant older than 14 years old assisted by his legal representative.
  • The legal representative of an applicant who is 14 years old or older.
  • The legal representative of an applicant who has been declared legally incapacitated.

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